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Life with Mr. Emerson


I don’t think there is enough space to write about Emerson and the funny things he does and says, and how much he has grown! He is doing so well with Arden. He loves to help us care for her, get her pacifier, her blankets, talk to her, etc. He is such a great brother to her. Emerson doesn’t show jealously or resentment toward her at all. I couldn’t ask for anything better there.

He is talking up a storm, though. Some of my favorites:

“I’ll be riiiight back”.

“I’m busy”.

“Can I see that for a minute?”


He knows his ABC’s, can count to 20, knows his colors and shapes and is just so smart. Last weekend Emerson showed us how he could pedal his tricycle all by himself! He loves to show us how he can run fast, and jump high.

Mickey Mouse is his favorite right now, although he is moving to Thomas the Train too. Poor Elmo has taken a backseat.

That’s all for now…kids are up :)

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