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Wow, have these 8 months been a whirlwind. It seemed we had so much more time before Arden arrived, and I should have taken advantage of it. I used to be semi-okay about blogging, and trying to keep up and capture things going on with us, but that definitely dropped off as life got busy.

So, I wanted to take some time to document some of the high points of Arden since she arrived 8 months ago. I can’t believe she is already 8 months old, and Emerson almost 3.

Arden still doesn’t have any full blown teeth yet. Just last week one sort of started to poke through the gum (on the bottom right side, not in the center like expected). Hasn’t changed much since then, but she will get teeth someday.

Not sleeping through the night, or anywhere close. She wakes up multiple times per night whether it be to nurse or for a pacifier. We just transitioned her to her crib a few weeks ago, which I can’t say is better or worse. She was in a bassinet on my side of the bed before that, so at least I didn’t have to get out of bed to sooth her. Before the bassinet she slept in the Fisher Price Rock N’ Play, which she still actually naps in pretty well. Those things are lifesavers. We also just got this crib aquarium thing you put on the side of crib for babies to watch and listen to in order to fall asleep. It worked the first night, not so much the next, so we will see if that provides any relief.

We have also transitioned out of swaddling. She was swaddled until about 6-7 months old, and starting getting out of it so I moved her to a Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit (look it up, pretty cool) which worked well, and then no swaddle at all. There were a rough few nights, but now we are sans swaddle and she doesn’t seem to mind.

Arden is also sitting up on her own completely. She still topples over occasionally, or dives head first to the floor so she can be on her tummy, but other than that she’s got it. She started doing that at about 7 months and keeps getting better. No crawling yet, pulling herself up, or standing on her own really. She loves to bounce, but doesn’t take steps or seem to interested in walkers or anything. I wonder if she will be a late walker. Crawling I don’t think is too far off, though. She is too interested in all of Emerson’s things to just sit still.

She is talking more and more. Right now aside from yelling/screeching, she says “da-da” and “ba-ba” and sometimes “ma-ma” but that is mostly when she is upset. She doesn’t cry very often at all, but definitely whines if there is something she wants or isn’t happy about.

Rolling over has long ago been mastered, both ways. She knows which way to roll to get the direction she wants to go. Somehow, too, she can rotate 360 degrees when on her back or belly. She pivots around in circles, so like I said, I think we will see some crawling soon.

Hair is still very minimal, but coming in more each day. The ongoing debate is the color. Some days it looks blonde, others red. Only time will tell.

Arden is very much a girly-girl. From her high-pitched voice and laugh (the most ADORABLE laugh) to her pointed toes, and dainty fingers, and skinny little legs…I think she is going to be a little princess all the way, which is completely fine by me.

Eating is a touchy subject. She will nurse and take bottles all day, no problem (although she’s always at 4 ounces bottles, rarely anything more). However, when it comes to solids her interest is scarce. We started food at 4 months per her doctor, but there are really only a handful of times she has actually eaten a good amount of food. I even had to throw out tons of homemade baby food I made as it got too old since she wouldn’t eat it. Lately I have been trying the baby-led weaning and moved passed purees right to finger foods. Arden is definitely interested and puts them in her mouth, but then spits it all back out. Very little makes it to her belly. Right now I am just waiting it out and we make sure to try each day. She’s bound to eat someday, right?

Arden has a bit of a temper sometimes that I am noticing lately. Specifically if you take something she wants, or don’t let her have something she wants. Get ready to hear it. Last night she wanted my sandwich and got really angry, crying, when I wouldn’t let her hold it/eat it. It makes me smile though as her personality is developing.

Recently Arden has starting waving, and clapping a bit as well. Bath time is one of her favorite things to do, especially when her and Emerson get to take baths together. She sure does love Emerson, too. She loves to watch him, play with his toys, and gets so happy when he talks to her and plays with her. I think at times, though, he gets annoyed by her and he is having a really tough time sharing. When I see those moments though, however few and far between, when they click and share moments, it just makes my heart melt.

Emerson is growing like a weed in so many ways. His speech and vocabulary are amazing and so clear. We can carry on conversations and he is beginning to tell us stories and also talk to/for his toys and use his imagination when he plays alone. It is so cute. Whenever Dewey or I hear something he says that makes us smile, we email it to each other. Some of the latest ones are:

“Magmin” – Napkin

“Lellow” – Yellow

“Ellyick” – Elliot

“Nana” – Banana

“Bike-a-cytle” – Bicycle or motorcycle

“Freezerator” – Freezer

“Watergun Shooter” – Water gun

“Rocket Ship” – Jet streams

“Nilla milk” – Vanilla Pediasure

“Mommy’s Elbows” – where milk comes from for Arden

We just had his very first dental appointment on 2/25. I really wanted to get started on the right foot with dental care since Dewey’s teeth are so bad. I was really worried about how he would do (will he open his mouth, cry, etc). However, he did so great. He didn’t speak to any doctor (shy gene) but he listened, opened his mouth for the most part, let them clean his teeth, and got to play and get a prize. I think it helped that he got to sit with Dewey on the dental chair and he felt safer. I hope it goes as well the next time around.

Emerson likes to do more and more things “by myself” lately too, which is tough sometimes as it takes much longer, but exciting to see him grow. He likes to brush his teeth by himself, climb into his bed, put on his hat and mittens and socks, pull up his pants, take off his diaper (see story below), climb into the bath, pouring his own milk, take off his shoes, and one of the latest is taking a shower. He finally overcame his fear of the shower head and loves to shower now (with one of us) but he stays in there forever (and falls sometimes).

Speaking of the diaper things, the diaper removal had been dangerous lately. He did it the other day, alone in his room, with a diaper full of poop. That was not pretty smelling, or to clean up. Yikes. We have been backing off the potty training a bit as he is losing interest. A few weeks ago he was rocking it out and I thought we had it in the bag (wearing underpants, telling us when he had to go, getting stickers and marshmallows) but then one week it just stopped. Right now he doesn’t want to use the potty or wear underpants, but he still tells us when he fills his diaper which is good.

We have to have him potty trained completely by September or no pre-school, so I have hope that will happen. We just enrolled him in the Catholic preschool where Owen goes (St. Joseph’s). I am nervous about it, but also excited he can get out and meet friends. We visited another school in town which we both didn’t like, and we may still visit a few more but we wanted to at least get him a spot if we could.

Emerson still absolutely loves movies, TV, and games on the iPad and iPhone which we really try to limit. He is awesome at puzzles, and some of his favorite shows are Thomas the Train, Berenstein Bears, Chuggington, and of course Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We are getting to the age where we have to be careful about what we put on TV when he is around but he is paying attention more and noticing what is on.

I think we have officially transitioned our bedtime routine as well. It used to be me only, never Daddy and we would read a few books, brush teeth, milk, and bed. Now Daddy has taken over that role while I put Arden to bed. However their routine usually ends up with Daddy and Emerson both falling asleep together in Emerson’s bed. Either way, I miss our routine sometimes, but it is good for Emerson and Dewey to have that time while Arden and I have ours.

One of my favorite things to do with Emerson is when he and I go grocery shopping together. He is a big helper and keeps me company and enjoys riding in the grocery cart. I also have fun when he and I go get milkshakes or ice cream together. Banana and Vanilla is the latest favorite (Steak and Shake). We have been having a lot of family dance parties lately too, which is awesome and all thanks to Dewey (who knew). We blast the music and everyone dances to burn off steam and just have fun. Emerson is starting to like it more and more and even shows off his moves. It is so much fun.

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