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Easter 2013


Today was Easter. We all had a great day. It actually started off last night with both kids going down very early (Emerson at 8pm, and Arden about 7:30, which is pretty normal for her). This helped them both rest up, though, for the busy day ahead.

The family woke up at about 8 or 8:30am, and after I got a few things ready (camera, coffee, let Tonka out) we let Emerson and Arden leave our bedroom where they come when they wake up in the mornings and venture out into the living room to see what the Easter Bunny left them. Both kids were very excited, and I was actually surprised Arden even paid much attention. Emerson didn’t know what to say except for showing us the things the Easter Bunny left for him, and getting really excited to see and find eggs around the house.

Arden proceeded to sit next to and empty her Easter basket, talking and babbling the entire time. She has quite the personality these days, and seems to be doing better since her very first tooth actually poked its way through her gums this last week. Her bottom, center, right tooth. She’s been eating like crazy since then, so I can’t help but think a lot of her eating issues must have been tied to teething. Lately, though, just about any finger food you give her she will eat, and and LOVES her sippy cup with water. Still not a fan of much pureed, though, which is fine by me.

Arden also just had her 9 month doctor appointment, which went much worse than expected. We took Emerson with since I had the day off work and this was a no shot appointment, so we figured it wouldn’t be bad. However, it appears Arden is now recalling the doctor’s office and her past experiences because as soon as the nurse went near her she just melted down and freaked out, crying and just whimpering the entire time. Poor thing, I can’t imagine what her 12 month appointment will be like since she has to get shots. Emerson wasn’t sure what to make of it either, so I hope we didn’t scare him by bringing him along to witness how she acted.

The doctor prescribed a new, stronger cream for her face to get rid of those stubborn rough, red spots so let’s hope it works. Otherwise everything looked great. She is steady in the 7th percentile for weight at 15 pounds 3 ounces. Her length was 26 3/4 inches, at the 18th percentile, and her head was 45 centimeters at the 80 percentile.

We went and got ice cream after the appointment which I think cheered everyone up.

Getting back to Easter, though, we spent some time at my parents house where the kids got a wagon, candy, and other fun toys (nerf gun, mickey night time animal, playdoh sets, blanket sleeper animal, books) on top of what they got at our house (there should be pictures, but a grill, rocking horse, books, candy, outfits, pjs, trains, sleepers…). Emerson and Arden definitely made out, because we also ended the day at Aunt Jaime’s where there was an Easter egg hunts and tons of candy (and even money).

The day was relaxing, and it was nice to spend it with the family and have such nice weather for once. I took tomorrow off work, and I am so excited to have day at home with the kids to play, and do a little cooking and cleaning too.

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