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Well this week marked our very first “big” sickness with Emerson outside of the stomach flu (which is equally not fun). I have been sick over the past week with some mysterious thing (hard to breathe, deep cough, running nose, etc) and it must have hit Emerson, but harder. Monday morning we got up to go to work and Kelsey’s and Emerson had a slight fever. We went about our day anyway as I knew Kelsey would keep a close eye on him. Turned out I had to leave work at about lunch time to go get Emerson and take him home, as his fever was just getting worse. Arden stayed with Kelsey, and Emerson and I took it easy at home together that afternoon until Dewey got home.

Of course since I have horrible timing, come 9pm that night I ended up taking Emerson to Express Care as his fever had been steady at 101.5 all day until about 8pm where it climbed to 103. He had never had a fever that high, so I was worried. My mom tagged along with us since Dewey had poker and also needed to stay back with Arden.

The saddest part of it all was when I asked Emerson if there was anything he needed, he said “yes – to not be sick, Mommy please make me not sick”. Talk about heartbreaking. He also kept asking why he was sick and why he wasn’t getting better. It is just so tough for him at this age and I just feel so awful, wish it was me instead.

The doctor put Emerson on antibiotics for a possible ear infection (which I still doubt) and round the clock Motrin. It was a rough night as Emerson was clearly in pain and not feeling well. We all stayed home today as his fever never did subside, and stay at 103 to 103.5 most of the day. We called the doctor again, but they couldn’t do anything so we are waiting it out and pushing the medicine hoping he gets better as soon as possible. That is a whole other story, too. Medicine and Emerson do not mix – he HATES taking it, to the point he will spit it all out. However, after a fight each time he is due for medicine, he has been taking it like a champ which is so good. Especially since we have 9 more days of antibiotics to get in him.

Right now his fever is down to about 101.5 or 102, but I am not sure if it is the Motrin or if he is in fact getting better. I just hope the fever breaks soon. Between me being sick and now Emerson, I have definitely missed a ton of work…but my family comes first. A couple of times he spontaneously told me how much he loved me (and missed me – I think he gets them confused as he says he misses me a lot) and how he loves Daddy, Arden, Tonka, Grandma, Grandpa, etc. I think he was just so thankful to finally be feeling a bit better.

Arden on the other hand is doing well. He first tooth is about halfway up now, since it first poked through a few weeks ago (her front right). She has been doing really well with solids (finger foods, not purees) and loves her sippy cup. She isn’t crawling yet, but is pushing herself backwards and pivoting around so she does move – just not the direction she wants to. She kicks her legs a bunch like she is trying to fly, or swim…so I don’t think she quite understands crawling yet.

This past week she also starting saying Mama! Not sure if it is intentional, but she definitely says it…usually mamamama, but I like to think she means me. She says that, dada, baba, and a lot of other sounds that seem like Hi, or Yeah…but with a lot of syllables, kind of like yodeling. It’s super cute.

She sleeps fairly well, as it doesn’t take much to get her to fall asleep and she will sleep in pretty late – she just wakes a lot in between. Arden is definitely not a cuddler, which I miss as Emerson was a huge cuddler and still is. It is probably my fault since I didn’t want Arden to rely on anyone to fall asleep, which makes me feel guilty. She is independent, which is good, but I can’t help but feel I should cuddle and cling to her more.

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