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Well, I spoke too soon. A few days after Emerson got sick, and we thought he was getting better, Arden got sick as well. Her very first fever, first ear infection, first medication. It has been quite the week, that’s for sure. I think I only worked a total of about one day in the office, and a lot of work from home as the kids slept. Oh…and Arden still HATES the doctor. When I took her in this week to be seen she screamed the ENTIRE time we were there, and even on the way home. Did I mentioned no shots or anything, either??

I still don’t really know what they had, most likely a virus of some sort, but both ended up on antibiotics and both with ear infections (which they NEVER get), so who knows. Both ended up with two different rounds of antibiotics too (got changed mid-cycle) because Emerson’s wasn’t doing anything and Arden’s dose was way too high to get in her, so we had to up the concentration. Emerson fights his medicine, but gives in…Arden doesn’t give in and fights the whole time. We have to pry her mouth open and force her to swallow. It is NOT fun at all. I can’t wait until the medicine is done.

On a side note, Arden has started giving kisses. She opens her mouth and just rubs it on your cheek or lips, and say “muah!”. It is so cute. She also does her own version of “more” in sign language, which just looks like she is clapping. It looks like another tooth is about to pop through too, so hopefully it doesn’t cause her much pain.

I got back to work tomorrow assuming no one gets sick overnight, and as tough as this week has been I am really sad to go back. I never want our kids to be sick or not feel well, but this week made for some high quality cuddle time and mommy time, making me feel especially needed. We had the best excuse to spend days in pjs, sleep in, nap a lot, and just bum around and watch tv (too much tv, but hey, they were sick).

Both are still not 100%, and completely crashed today after our first day out of the house in a week (we went to Grandma’s), but hopefully they continue to get well. It’s all my fault anyway, I brought some sickness home from work and passed it along. Ugh. Guess it’s part of working outside of the home. Darn work.

Random, but another Emerson word before I forget:

“To-part” = apart

On another topic, not involving the kids, I ran my second race yesterday – just a two mile run in Chatham called the Nightcrawler. It was at night, hence the name, and ran around our neighborhood. I did better than expected, but not that good for two miles. I think I ended up around 21 or 22 minutes, but considering I haven’t worked out in a few weeks and have been sick, let alone only ran one time, it’s not too bad. At least I ran the whole time, and finished :). It did make me feel good though and I think my Mom, Kelsey, and I are going to plan on running more. They are fun goals to work towards and hopefully next time I will actually work out before hand.

I need to do a better job of taking care of myself so that I can be here for the kids and for Dewey. They need their mother, and I need them.

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