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Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day, and boy have I had a good one. A good weekend actually. It started with Friday morning…I got up as usual to get ready for work. As I was sitting watching the news on the rocking chair, dosing off before I woke the kids Dewey comes out and tells me…”You have the day off, and don’t have to go to work. I took the day off too, so the day is yours”. How amazing!! He had worked with my bosses and planned the entire thing. I was too excited to go back to sleep, which was my first instinct, so instead I saw in the rocking chair relishing in the quiet morning before the kids woke, enjoying my coffee and surfing the internet. Emerson and Arden woke soon after, and we deciding to all go out to breakfast at Cafe Moxo and also stop by and visit Grandma at work since they are nearby. Breakfast was good and the kids did great. They had fun at Grandma’s work too. From there we deciding to check out the Lincoln Museum since Emerson had never seen it. We spent most of our time in the kids room, but he did enjoy the other sites as well. The kids kitchen was a hit where he cooked us dinner and built a fire, wondering “where is the sink?”.

We headed home after that to have a late lunch, relax and take naps, which was so nice. Just sitting and doing nothing, no place to be. My mom graciously offered to take the kids so Dewey and I could have a night out and we took her up on it. Dewey and I ran a few errands (Target and Scheels) and then had a nice dinner at Osaka before heading back. Overall, such a great day.

Then today when I woke the kids gave me some great gifts (hand picked by Emerson): orange vitamin water, a green frisbee, an old man finger puppet, Apples to Apples travel cup game, and pigs flying Duck tape, all wrapped in an Elmo gift bag. It was so sweet and thoughtful. Dewey didn’t do too bad either and gave me a gift card for a massage and pedicure…ahhh, can’t wait to use it! He then went and got me breakfast and coffee and really just took care of the kids so I didn’t have to do much at all.

Dewey then went to visit his mom and grandma, so I took the kids to kill some time and we wandered around Target. They were both so great and well behaved, and each got to pick a toy (Arden a tablet thing and Emerson a Curious George movie). To Grandma’s house we went after that where she gave me a wonderful canvas print of a photo of Emerson and I when he was sick and we were rocking together. I love that photo. We gave her a Lisa Leonard necklace, coffee mug holder/warmer (to which she thought was a baby hat and I might be preggo), and Emerson’s gifts of a handwritten card of things he loved about Grandma, a rubber duck (for him to use in the tub when he bathes there), and a spray bottle in the shape of a snail (for her to use if she pees on the floor to clean it up).

Yesterday, though, was her gift to me and Kelsey. We went to the bead store in Chatham (Beads n More) and used our wedding flower beads to finally make some jewelry. It all turned out really nice and was a great time. I made a necklace and bracelet, Kelsey made a necklace, and Mom made a bracelet. We also made bracelets for the mom-in-laws.

Arden is basically crawling, but slowly. She gets on her hands and knees finally and can take a few “steps” but quickly gets frustrated and goes into her “swimming, kicking motion”. It also looks like a third tooth is coming in. She loves to dance and has quite the personality. Arden’s hair also is very red, so we will see if it sticks.

Emerson is really gaining an imagination and I find him talking to himself and using his imagination to play and entertain. It is adorable. He also loves telling stories and is so animated, it’s hard now to smile and take it seriously sometimes. Over the last week or so both kids have also appeared to come out of there shells and not be so frozen by shyness. They are interacting more with others, and not hiding their faces. That makes me happy as that is one of the things I love about Dewey is his outgoing personality and I want them to have that over my introversion.

All in all it was such a great weekend. No stress, got some pictures with the kids, and just had fun quality thoughtful times with everyone and now I lay in bed with Emerson and Dewey, while Arden and Tonka sleep. I feel very loved and so, so lucky.

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