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Crawling…and other updates.


Well, for a good two weeks now we have officially had a crawler! Miss Arden finally mastered the art of crawling forward, not just backward like she had been doing (or trying to swim or fly, by kicking her legs as fast/hard as she could). Every day she gets quicker and quicker and I just about lugged the baby gates out today after the forth time of pulling her away from our wine rack that sits on the floor. Apparently she likes to pull the bottles off of it. Arden also likes to just roam the house and explore, and I don’t blame her. After 10 months of not being able to go where you want, she really is loving it. It is so cute to watch her crawl around because as slow as she is, she sure feels like she is fast. She is so tiny it is hard for her to get too far too fast. If you try and chase her, though, watch out – she will laugh so hard and keep turning around to watch you chase her again, she really loves it.

We took the kids to the library to play today and I could tell Arden was really wanting to move right to walking. She would push back when I tried to sit her down, and preferred standing. The tough thing is she can’t bear weight without holding onto something, and she really isn’t taking too many steps or anything. I think that watching Eliot and Emerson walk around is making her want to do it more.

Arden also appears to be working on more teeth. I think I see a third on the bottom kind of trying to pop through, but we will see. I’m never good at guessing which teeth are coming through. Little miss stubborn is nursing very little these days, and eating more solids. She is still very picky about what she eats (and drinks from a cup) which has been causing me concern enough to visit the doctor a few times. We have an appointment with a speech pathologist  on 6/4/13 to address what we thing is a texture sensitivity as she won’t drink any kind of milk from a cup, or eat anything with a soft spoonable texture (think yogurt, applesauce, etc) yet she will nurse just fine. She has lost a bit of weight because of it, which isn’t good due to her being so tiny to begin with. She was 15 pounds, 4 ounces last week. Hopefully we get some suggestions, but I really think that’s just how she is going to be. Her new nickname I decided should be Noodle. That stems from noodles being her favorite food. Right now she will eat:

Pasta (preferably Gerber ravioli)

Water from a sippy (most of the time)

Hot dogs

Goldfish crackers


Gerber brand cheeto crunchy things

Rice crackers


Apples (to chew on)

Cucumbers (to chew on)




She will eat some other fruits/veggies and maybe things like toast, but they are all hit and miss.

Emerson has had a lot going on lately as well. Almost two weeks ago we jumped right into potty training full force. I hit a wall and got sick of diapers, and was getting nervous that he wouldn’t be potty trained enough before pre-school (which he must be to attend). So, I just put him in underwear and we were off. He certainly has had accidents, but really nothing too terrible. The second day was the worst (probably 3 or 4 tinkles in his pants, and one poopy) but since then it has only gotten better. His problem now is forgetting to tell us until after he starts going, so he will say “Mommy, I have to go tinkle on the potty. I just already went a little in my underpants.” Or an example from tonight after he insisted on going all by himself at Grandmas’s – I stand outside the bathroom door to listen in cases he needs help and I hear an “Uh-oh”. He says he needs help so I go in and he says “It started coming out and I just couldn’t stop it” as I see a small puddle of pee on the ground. But he is learning and soon it will be diapers no more. He only wears them when he is sleeping now.

Dewey and I attended our first preschool meeting tonight which was to be training on prevent sexual abuse in children, so not super exciting. Hard to believe only a few months and he will actually be in school. He has grown so quickly. We really need to work on listening skills with him, though, as that has been an issue lately as well as temper tantrums. It all comes with the age, but we have a hard time with it trying to figure out the best way to handle it. Parenting is tough because no matter how we handle things like that I always feel bad or like we did it wrong. I do love how cuddly that boy is, and how loving he is. I’ll really miss the day I can’t lay down and cuddle with him and get big hugs. Arden actually just started being more cuddly lately, as she really never has been. I love it so much when she lays he head down on my chest at night…so sweet.

A few things to note:

Each day when I drop Emerson off at Kelsey’s and I leave for work, he insists on walking me to the door and opening it for me. After I step out he never fails to say “See you tomorrow Friday!”.

Arden is a kissing machine. She loves to give them. I love to get them.

Emerson: Skeeling = Ceiling

Arden loves to talk. Not many actually words at all, but she sure babbles and yells and it is adorable.

Emerson’s imagination develops more each day. I often find him singing to himself, or making up stories or characters as he plays. I love it.

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