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Well, we have had 3 birthdays since the last post. Emerson turned 3, Arden turned 1, and Tonka turned 5. I must say, these birthdays, particularly Arden’s get my emotional to see how quickly our children are growing.

I will start with updates on Arden. We have been going to weekly speech therapy appointments for her eating “issues”. It is basically the same still, won’t each much variety and hardly any liquids so the poor thing is constipated most of the time and only eats her favorite foods unless she is starving. I did find out though, that is she is hungry enough she will eat about anything you give her, so I think it is more behavioral and picky-ness than anything. She is slowing increasing her milk intake which is great, as long as I just keep offering it all day long.

The funny thing is, she seemed to turn a bit of a corner with the drinking and appetite about two weeks ago when I noticed 5 teeth (no joke) all poke through at the same time. So now, she had 4 on the top coming in, the 4 in the top center, and her third bottom tooth, the one on her bottom left center. Crazy. They very well could be linked, but who really knows. We are going to go a few more times to keep an eye on her weight, which was 15lbs 14.5oz last week, up from 15lbs 13oz the week before, and 15lbz 8oz before that. Slowly but surely she is gaining, so let’s hope it keeps up.

We are down to only nursing at night before bed now, so once per day. Arden has been sleeping like a champ since those teeth arrived as well, so when she wakes during the night pretty much her pacifier gets her back to sleep. I put away the pump, bottles, nursing bras, etc. just last week.

She just today starting pulling herself up on multiple things, including her crib, ugh. She would do it occasionally before, but has been content just crawling and watching. Now I think she has overcome her fear of standing and then falling (sitting) and is pulling up a lot more. It is cute with her teeny little legs. Hopefully it will help bulk up her muscle.

Arden talks all of the time, and it is so darn cute. Not really any clear words except mama, bye, hi, and occasionally dada. The rest is jibber jabber we don’t understand, but she speaks in what sounds like full sentences of her language. Another cute thing she does (kind of) is when she is in her crib awake, but no one has gone to get her yet, she will throw all of her pacifiers out to the floor, mostly between the wall and the crib. She’s content in her crib for quite some time in the mornings, and that is probably why. I do appreciate her letting us sleep in, though. Emerson too.

We did a small family day for Arden’s actually birthday, and gave her our gifts and my parent’s and sister’s. Took off work, and just spent the day at home and grocery shopping for her actual birthday party we had that Saturday the 29th. It actually turned out really nice. Not a ton of people came, which I was happy about. I was worried it would be too crowded. Weather was rainy off and on, but the kids played in it and we got some amazing pictures. Arden did not care for her cake (which I made), as I suspected, but she loved smashing it to crumbs.

We set the party up outside and in the garage, setup the table nicely with food and snacks, and I think most people had a nice time. Arden received clothes and toys, and some tableware too (Minnie Mouse). We got her a kitchen, plus a lot of books and clothes, and a few toys that make music. She loves music so much, and the water – the tub and the pool. Almost every time she hears music she dances – adorable. When I sing she will pretty much stop anything she is doing, even fussing, to listen and watch. Probably because of my beautiful voice :).

We didn’t do a big party for Emerson, as we decided we would have first birthday parties for our kids, and then not again until they ask for it. I’m not big on hosting things. Plus, they don’t need all of those toys. So, we had a family night for Emerson with us, my parents and siblings. We ordered pizza, had cake, hit a piñata, and opened gifts. Emerson had a Thomas the Train cake with Spencer on it, his specific request. It was bubble-gum flavor and he just ate the icing.

He got a new bike, his first with training wheels and not a trike, plus some clothes, books, and a ton of Thomas stuff (trains and tracks) plus bike accessories and some other miscellaneous toys. The piñata was a big hit as well. Between the two birthdays lately and multiple celebrations, Emerson loved opening gifts and definitely had a hard time when it was Arden’s turn. She didn’t care much to open them, though, so he ended up getting to help anyway.

On Emerson’s actual birthday, we went out to brunch with my mom and brother, and he got to open the gifts from us (except for the bike he got during the family party). We also…

Potty training is still going strong. Diapers only at night, and they are dry in the morning 80% of the time. He is still not great going to the bathroom on his own (wiping, pulling pants on/off) but he will get it.

We received the first pre-school email, about this fall and school supplies. Tear. It’s real, but I think he will enjoy it. Now we are deciding if we should enroll him in soccer for the Fall. Decisions, decisions. I am wondering if maybe preschool is enough to start with, and postpone soccer until the Spring.

The things Emerson says crack me up. Tonight after I gave the kids baths, Emerson was standing naked and starting shaking his hips. He said “Look Mommy, my pee-pee is shaking! It’s like a pony-tail!” A few other goods ones…

“Do you have my shirts we got from the shirt-store?”…we purchased some clothes for next season at Gordman’s.

Emerson’s continued use of the word “Collection”. “Is think where the food collection is?” – Drive thru window.  “Can we get a drink from the drink collection?” – Gas station.

“I wish the party wasn’t over and everyone just packed up and leave”…after Arden’s birthday party.

While pretending to be asleep…”Mom, oh no! It’s 21! We are going to be late to grandmas – she’s going to close! Mom, now it’s 20 o’clock! We are so late!”

While playing before bed…”E – Mommy, can we go on a drive in the car?”

A – “What for honey, it’s late”

E – “It will just be fun. It will be funny, like a joke.”

While driving in the car…”Mommy, when I get big, will you teach me how to drive a car like you? And a truck like Daddy?”

Finally, we had 1-year and 3-year check-ups last week. Stats as follows:

Emerson – 33lbs 8oz (68%), 38 3/4 inches tall (76%), size 3T clothes for the most part, some 2T shorts as his waist is little. Size 9 shoes. Size 6 night-time diapers.

Arden – 15lbs 10oz (3%), 28 inches (12%), 46.5 cm head (86%), mostly 9 month clothes, a few 12 if they run small, and even 6 month in some shorts due to her tiny waist. Size teeny tiny shoes, like about a size 2, if that. Since she isn’t walking though, we rarely put anything on her feet. Size 3 diapers.

No shots needed for Emerson. Shots for Arden were postponed a few weeks as she had been up with a fever the night before (not sure why, as it didn’t last long) and we didn’t want to risk anything. Although now she has a bad cough and cold, so I wonder if that was the sign she was getting sick. Now Emerson had the short fever last night, so we will see what he comes down with.

We took Emerson out for a Mommy/Daddy night the other night to his very first movie in the theatre! We saw Monsters University. The movie was cute and I think he enjoyed it overall. He got a blue icee which he was very excited about, popcorn, and candy that we bought ahead and snuck in. He thought the screen and seats were really neat, and actually sat for the whole movie, in his seat and on our laps. With the previews included it was a bit long and he wanted to leave at the end, but he did very well and I am so happy we got to share that with Emerson. Not kidding, for the 3 of us it was $29.50 to get in, and another $26 for popcorn, soda, and an icee. Definitely not something we will do a lot.

After the movie we went to Osaka for dinner and ate at the hibachi grill. Emerson was not so sure about it, and didn’t like the big flame demonstration, but he seemed to enjoy himself there too. He really liked the mushroom soup and the noodles. It was nice getting out and doing something different, and giving Emerson some one-on-one time with us. I know it is hard at times for him, being 3, and trying to share attention.

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