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Quick Update on the Kiddos


Emerson: “Mommy, when I grow up I am going to lift little things and giant things. I am going to lift big cars, and little cars, and monster trucks! I am just going to life houses, and walls, and doors, and really big garbage cans! And I am going to lift buildings with my friends.”

Arden: She is finally walking behind a push toy! She walks super high on her tippy toes, but is taking little steps and moving along. You can tell she is getting very frustrated since Emerson and Elliot move all around.

Arden is also throwing major tantrums and fits more frequently, and very tiny things set her off. I think we are going to have our hands full, and she is learning them from Emerson at his older age. She got super mad at me today when I was changing her diaper (poop) and taking awhile because she wanted down. She started screaming, kicking, rolling, etc. Phew. Hope these don’t last long. On the bright side, she has been drinking a lot more milk to the point her poops this weekend were almost normal and not constipated balls :).

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