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LOOONG Overdue Updates (January 5, 2014)


Oh my, how much time has gone by since I last blogged. Goes to show how busy life can get between my family and work. I actually cut my hours back at work since I last wrote, probably back in October/November is when it happened. After months, even years, of asking they finally caved in. I work 30 hours per week in the office (8-2) and often from home. I am so lucky to be able to spend more time with the kids and be a tiny bit more of a stay at home mom, which I think I will eventually end up being. More so when we have more children. Not sure how I will ever go back to a 40 hour work week.

Now, on to the kiddos…

Arden has just blossomed over the last several months. She finally got up the confidence to start walking on her own around 5 months (late August, early September). She had been pushing toys and taking steps here and there, but you could tell she was timid and her little tiny legs needed strength. Since then she hasn’t stopped. She is just now starting to run, kind off. It is so cute since she isn’t completely coordinated, but she is getting around faster. She has Emerson and Elliot to keep up with!

Arden is talking up a storm! She has always jib-jabbered and we never understood it, just like Emerson at her age. But all of a sudden she is saying tons of words and repeating (or trying to) most of what we ask…except for Daddy, man she is stubborn on that one. Some of her more popular words right now…


Oh no!…What’d you do? (more like “wa a do?”)


Cookies (the food and for Cookie Monster)…yes, she likes Sesame Street.






No, and Nnnooooo…





Tonka (more like Tonta)



Where’d it go?

This! (which means here, right there, etc)

Growls…a lot, to try and be scary and funny :)

Teeth keep coming in. She has 12 now, 4 on top (front), 4 on bottom (front), and then 2 molars on top and 2 on bottom. She is eating okay still, not great, but not horrible. She downs her milk, whether it is plain or mixed with Nido or yogurt for extra calories. Her tastes seem to change on a daily basis, but she typically enjoys…






Snap peas


Black olives


Noodles of any kind

Crackers (goldfish preferably)

Anything we are eating when not at the table, she wants in on.

Hot dogs

Lunch meat


Popcorn (or as Emerson says, Pa-corn)

Playing in dog food and water…ugh, such a mess. She is a magnet to it.

We stopped nursing right at about 14 months, August 5th to be exact. She had weaned down to night time only, so it was a quick and painless transition. Much smoother than Emerson :) Holidays, doctor’s appointments, etc. have come and gone. Last weigh in Arden hovered around 18 pounds. We weighed her tonight on the bathroom scale and it said 20, so we will see at her 18 month appointment on 1.10.14! I love how tiny she is, though. I can hold her for so long and my arms never get tired, and she just looks so cute in everything!

She loves music and dancing. We have been taking the kids to a weekly music class like we did when Emerson was younger, with the Music Factory. Emerson just gets bored and runs around, but Arden LOVES it. She won’t sit with me because she must be standing to participate in each song and dance. I enrolled her for another semester this Spring with Elliot, and I think Emerson is probably done with music class :)

Arden has been sleeping very well. For the most part she is done with the Rock n Play, unless she is at Kelsey’s. She sleeps and naps in her crib, and often tells me when she wants to sleep by saying “nigh-nigh”. I will sit in her room for a bit some night until she falls asleep. If she wakes at night, it is brief and just requires her pacifier and her music soother. We recently started brushing her teeth, and she loves that as well. She gets so excited when it’s “teeth time” and must do it herself. It is usually a fight to get the toothbrush away from her, so we have to bargain for a “gooly bear” or her own cup of water.

Emerson has been doing great as well, and growing like a weed. He attends preschool now on Tuesdays and Thursdays at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic preschool in Chatham. He loves it, however he is terribly shy in class and rarely participates. He had an adorable Christmas program for school last month, and stood the entire time and didn’t sing a word with the rest of the class. He just stood and looked out at the audience, but seemed to enjoy it :) He loves his teachers, and they seem to enjoy him and make it their goal to get him to open up. Creighton Weigler is his very best friend at school, and he also plays with Kennedy and Jaxson from what I have heard. Emerson had his first play date a few weeks ago at Creighton’s too, which went well. He spent the afternoon there after school.

I have been lucky enough to get to attend the Halloween and Christmas parties at his school, and they were lots of fun. Each mom handled a craft station or game, and the kids just got to play and have a good time. I love watching him at school to get a taste of how his is away from us. Next is hopefully soccer in the Spring, which he keeps talking about.

Emerson is getting better and better at numbers and letters, and has his colors down pat. He absolutely loves to read, regular books and iPad books, and can’t get enough games on our phones and iPads. His favorites shows vary, but he still enjoys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Caillou, Arthur, Curious George, and Berenstain Bears. Just as picky of an eater as ever, but loves his milk and vanilla milk. Mandarin oranges are never left behind, as well as black olives and his “favorite bar” (fruity pebbles in a cereal bar). He does enjoy candy when he is allowed, and ice cream and milk shakes of course.

Just this last week we ran out of pull-ups, so we have had a few nights with underpants only and Emerson has done awesome. I think we are officially and completely potty trained, night and day. The pull ups were more of just a support system for me, as he hasn’t gone in them for a long time, so I figured we would just use them until we ran out and be done.

Emerson is very much a lovey, cuddly boy which I adore. He is always up for a snuggle, hug or kiss and loves stuffed animals (like Monkey). Randomly throughout the day we get “I love you Mom” or “I love you Dad”, for no reason at all. I hope it never stops. We still struggle with bedtime, and Dad is the official Emerson putter to bed, and I am the Arden putter to bed. Emerson fights it, but as long he gets to read books with Dad, he is good…also Dewey has to lay with Emerson until he falls asleep, which mean Dewey often sleeps part of the night in Emerson’s bed! Most nights Emerson gets up between 1-4 am and comes into our room and climbs in our bed anyway, but at least we get a few hours of kidless sleep in our bed.

Both kids can be very feisty and loud at times, like when they are fighting over toys and don’t want to share. I think most is their ages, though, and the fact they are siblings. Emerson has a really tough time and is learning not to take things from people’s hands when he wants them. Manners are important and he is too young to understand patience, so from that comes a lot of whining and yelling. His favorites are still going to Grandma’s and Papa’s, fire trucks, school buses, trains, playing outside, and just about anything that someone will play with him. He doesn’t not like being alone.

Some recent happenings…

Christmas! It was great this year. We didn’t visit my mom’s side of the family this year, so things were more low key which I loved. Less stops to drag the kids to. They got WAY to much stuff, but had a great day opening gifts and seeing family at my parents, Sherman, and Petersburg. We didn’t stay at Petersburg long as it was late and super crowded, but the kids had so much fun there with all of the cousins. Hard to name favorite toys as they play with all of them quite a bit (bead maze, doll house, horse clip-clop stable, fire trucks, imaginex city, tinker toys, games, playmobil, music makers, and more, more, more).

Thomas the Elf (Elf on the Shelf) visits each year, this was the second and you really enjoyed finding him each day. We did an advent calendar again of activities, which of course you loved and kept us busy. Visiting Santa and riding the train at the mall was probably your favorite one. On a side note, you and Arden love riding the train and the carousel at the mall very much. My trips there are getting even more expensive! You and Arden both helped decorate the tree and put up Christmas decor…that day was very fun this year! The tree looked great, too…all the of ornaments right up front, center, and to the bottom :)

Dewey and I took time off over the holidays, so the other days us as a family (the 4 of us) went to see the movie Frozen at the theater. It was last minute and on a whim, but turned out so much fun. The kids we so well behaved, and both actually sat through the entire movie eating popcorn and snacks. This was of course Arden’s first movie, and she got to sit in her own seat for a bit and her weight even kept it down! I look forward to doing it again sometime.

We took a family trip to St. Louis for 2 nights back in August before preschool began. The kids loved the hotel (had never been in one before), and all of the things we did (visited the Arch, St. Louis Zoo, Grant’s Farm, walked around downtown). Emerson still talks about St. Louis and how neat it was. The kids were great and overall we had a really nice getaway. Speaking of, for my 30th I went away for a night to Chicago with my Mom shopping. It was the first time I had been away from the kids overnight, and Dewey did great with them. I didn’t worry at all, but I did miss them. Dewey and I might go away for a night soon to celebrate as well, but we will see. Mom offer to watch them, which was so nice of her.

Some Emerson stories…

We let him watch the iPad and often times he will change the show without us knowing. Well, he recently watched a few episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants (which he isn’t allowed to watch). He woke up the next day talking about how Mr. Crab came to our house, came inside, went to his room, etc. I finally deduced he was referring to Krusty Krab, and he had dreamt about him, but doesn’t quite understand what a dream is…so to him, it was reality. He told me that Mr. Crab drove a red car and lived in our neighborhood, and insisted we find he house. Emerson and Dewey walked around the block looking for it after Google Earth didn’t suffice. Emerson needed to give Mr. Crab some toys and soup because he was sick. Of course they didn’t find him, so we instead wrote him a letter and put the toys and snacks in the mailbox for him. Mr. Crab picked them up (Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Wes) and left in it’s place a stuffed crab (from Grandma). I think emerson was shocked something actually happened, and didn’t speak much of him after that. Mr. Crab occasionally comes up in conversation, but thankfully we have moved on.

We visited Lincoln Memorial Gardens this fall with Grandma, and saw a fuzzy caterpillar which Emerson loved. In turn, he asked if we could go to the pet store and purchase one to take home.

He really likes the Katy Perry song Eye of a Tiger from the radio in the car, and when he listened to the lyrics one day notices she sang about walking through the fire. Emerson then said, “Mom, did she say walk in the fire? That’s just really not safe”.

Emerson, angry or annoyed about something Dewey was saying, responded with…”Dad, if you say that one more time…I am going to break this house”.

I could ramble on for hours, but for now I need to get Arden to sleep. I spoke too soon and she is now chewing on the crib rail, talking to herself, and dancing around NOT sleeping.

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