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Life with Miss Arden


We went home the very next day after Arden arrived. We were anxious to get home with Emerson and Tonka, and be at home as a family. Emerson came and visited twice, though, in the hospital so we could see him and of course so he could meet his little sister! When he arrived he was a bit unsure, just because I was in the bed hooked up to stuff, but he quickly relaxed. When he saw Arden for the first time he didn’t say anything, just stared and looked a little hesitant, but we were able to convince him to give her a kiss and take a few pictures. Really all Emerson wanted to do was play with all of the buttons in gadgets in my hospital room.

Arden was a delight in the hospital, didn’t cry much, slept, and was a very good baby. She did scare us though by failing her hearing test twice (turns out she wasn’t sound asleep enough and was moving). She passed it before we left with no problems.

When we got home, though, it was a different story. She fussed much more, and would only sleep if someone was holding her. She would not sleep in the bassinet we setup and it was a rough week as Dewey and I took turns staying up with her and trying to figure out ways to get some sleep. I finally broke down and purchased a Boppy pillow bed thing I heard worked for a lot of babies. Well, Arden didn’t care for it much either. Then a few people recommended the Fisher Price Rock and Play, so I forked out some more money and tried that. We were desperate at this point to make our baby happy and get some sleep. It worked! That was her bed for the first 8 or 9 weeks and she was a champ sleeper. She even started sleeping a ton during the day. So, I think the few week or two was just a scare because her fussiness went away and she began to sleep well and she has been a dream ever since.

At about 4 weeks we saw her first smile and her first coos…and she hasn’t looked back! Arden loves to chat it up with whoever will listen, and it doesn’t take much to put a huge smile on her face. That includes ceiling fans. She makes the funniest faces when she falls asleep and smiles and laughs as she does it.

From the get go she has tried to hold up her head so she doesn’t miss anything. She now holds it up about 90% unsupported and loves to look around and take everything in. Arden definitely likes to be included and would prefer to sit up or stand than lie down in your arms.

On September 13th she laughed out loud for the first time and it brought tears to my eyes. Of all places we were in the St. Louis Mills mall, leaving. As I put my sunglasses on she looked at my and smiled (Grandma was holding her) so I lifted my sunglasses up, then back on my eyes, then up, etc. and she started to laugh. I haven’t gotten her to laugh since, though, but that one will go down in the books :)

At about 10 weeks Arden began sleeping through the night without waking to feed or fuss. She can easily sleep 10-12 hours which is awesome for us :). The caveat with that, though, is she has to have her arms swaddled and her legs free. Arden runs her eyes like crazy when she gets tired and even as she is sleeping, so she wakes herself up or makes it difficult to fall asleep. Emerson started that trend at 6 weeks, but it ended when he turned 4 months old. Let’s hope hers keeps on.

Tummy time isn’t Arden’s favorite, but since she is doing so much better with her head now, she doesn’t mind it as much.

She isn’t the best eater. She really just eats small meals or is a really efficient eater. I can’t tell. She only eats about 6 or 7 minutes each feeding and then is good for 2 or 3 hours. Probably explains why she was only 10 pounds at her two month appointment and was in the 18th percentile for weight! She was 22.5 inches long, though, which was right in the middle (I think the 51st) and she was in the 80’s for head circumference. My kids have big heads!

As of last week she is pushing 11 pounds, so let’s keep it up!


Miss Arden’s Arrival


It has been a VERY long time since I posted. Let’s just say pregnancy and then adjusting to taking care of two little ones got the best of me. So, just as a warning, this is going to be a long one.

Due to the fear of Arden being a big baby like Emerson was, we were scheduled for induction on June 27th, which is exactly what took place. We went in at 7am that morning, with Grandma taking over at our house with Emerson and Tonka. Things got moving at about 8am when a pitocin drop was started. As it turns out, I was contracting on my own every 10 minutes when we got there (but I didn’t feel it) so at least we had that on our side.

It took awhile for me to actually feel any contractions, and once they started getting bad I requested the epidural (as the recommended since things we going to progress quicker since this was our second). Around 1 or so, Dr. Stone came in and broke my water. Up until then aside from the epidural things were pretty uneventful. Dewey and I watched movies on the iPad, slept, played iPhone games…The epidural pretty much sucked. It took 3 tries until they finally got it right. Arg, that was not fun.

Once my water broke things moved along faster. Up until then they had been turning the pitocin drip up consistently, but they finally started turning it down because they were worried it was too strong for Arden. Around 4 or so I started to get really uncomfortable, almost like the epidural was wearing off. It was Arden moving down lower and lower and getting herself ready, so there wasn’t anything they could do about the discomfort. However, I didn’t have long because a little after 5, Dr. Stone arrived and we were ready to push!

Miss Arden Noelle arrived at 5:25 p.m., much smaller than Emerson at 7 pounds, 14 ounces, 19.75 inches long. I got to hold her on my chest when she arrived and nurse right away. The labor and delivery were SO much easier than Emerson. I labored for exactly 9 hours, versus 18, and pushed for 15-20 minutes, versus almost 2 hours. The recovery was also a breeze compared to Emerson. I was actually laughing with the doctors as I was getting ready to push if that gives you any idea of the experience – it was great!


Week 28


We had our 28 week appointment yesterday, which went okay. We had the scheduled sonogram to see if the plancenta is still low or if it has moved up. Unfortunately it is still low, which means we need to keep an eye on it and check again in 4 weeks. Until then, we go back every 2 weeks, which means things are quickly moving along. I got my Rhogam shot, which wasn’t too bad, mostly just sore afterward, and also am supposed to get compression stockings to help with the swelling I am already starting to get. The doctor said, though, that the only thing that can truly help is to lay on my side…which seems about impossible right now. The baby looked good, is still a girl, and I am measuring right at 28 weeks…so otherwise all else looks good. Heart rate was 135 bpm. We go back on April 25th for a routine appointment. Baby girl sure has been kicking a bunch lately…makes me wonder when she ever sleeps…yikes.

Easter was this past Sunday and it was overall a great day. The Easter Bunny visited out house and my parents’ house and brought Emerson too many gifts, but it was fun. He got some outdoor toys (soccer goal, bubbles, ball, chalk, sand toys) and some indoor things too (Mickey Mouse pjs, Sesame Street dolls and books, and Elmo backpack, lots of candy, and the most adorable baby boy doll to practice with for the new baby on the way). Baby girl even got a few gifts (a baby doll – so cute, a sleeper, and a little tag blanket). Dewey and I got an outfit, perfume/cologne, and candy and candles for the house.

We had an Easter egg hunt at our house in the morning before we went over to my parents and Emerson had so much fun. I think that was his favorite part – looking for the eggs. He was so excited, good thing we got it on video. It was made even better when he realized there was candy, and especially money, in the eggs. We had a nice breakfast then at my parents, and then ended up at Aunt Jaime’s for the evening with family. There was a big Easter egg hunt in her backyard, which Emerson did great at and got tons of candy. I wasn’t sure he would be so in to Easter, but he proved me wrong. Funny to think how different next Easter will be.

Yesterday and today are Zachary’s and my Mom’s birthdays – so Happy Birthday!! Went went to dinner last night to celebrate to Obed and Isaac’s, a new restaraunt in town.  I can’t say I enjoyed it – the food was just blah, and the service was pretty poor. Oh well, at least we know now. It was fun spending the evening with the family, though. Zach got some nices gifts for his apartment, and Mom got a dishwasher :). She is also getting her haircut today which hopefully will be nice. The next birthday on the list is Emerson’s, for the big 2!

Week 27


Well, my ankles have officially began to swell…ugh. I have one more week until I am in the third trimester, but I have already begun to hit my levels of discomfort, which worries me as to how bad these next three monthes are going to be. Baby girl is moving around a lot, though, which is great. It is fun watching my belly move!

Last week, we were able to get back to work on Wednesday…just in time for me to catch Emerson’s sickness. It was really a rough week overall, and I ended up having to leave early on Friday because I felt so yucky and couldn’t really take anything to treat it due to the pregnancy. After some rest, though, I was well enough to head to St. Louis with my mom and sister for a long planned baby/maternity shopping trip. Since we both finally know what we are having, we were excited to get away and spend some money.

We left bright and early and headed to West County Mall where we got some maternity clothes for the warmer weather and a few outfits for the babies and Emerson. Lunch was Chick-fil-A (of course) and we move on to the St. Louis Mills. I really don’t care for that mall except for a few select store, which we visited. They have a huge Children’s Place which we got TONS of stuff from for super cheap (I mean, not much more than you would spend at a garage sale on clothes). We also got some good deal at the Nike Outlet (even some shoes for myself, plus some for Emerson and the baby). Overall it was a great time and Kelsey and I were exhausted by the end of it. I slept really well that night :).

Sunday we took it easy and believe it or not went and hung out at my Aunt Jaime’s pool – on April 1st! It got close to 90 degrees that day and the heater had been on for awhile, so it was perfect. I didn’t get in the water because no one needs to see that, but Emerson went swimming and had a great time. Everyone was thrilled to see him since it has been so long since we visited over there. He spent Saturday with Dewey while I shopped and had a great day as well. They went to park and played with Ace, visited Grandma Phyl and Grandma Detmers, and played at home. I am glad they had a daddy-son day. They definitely need those.

My next appointment is next week on April 11th and I am looking forward to it since we get a sonogram again, although I really hope everything looks okay and the placenta isn’t as low as it was. Some days, though, temporary bed rest is not something I would complain about.

Finally, last night at dinner Emerson spoke probably one of the best sentences to date, and it was so clear – he said “What’s Tonka barking at?”. Dewey and I just looked at each other in shock because it was so out of the blue and we often struggle to understand him these days. Our sweet boy is growing so fast!



Babies and Belly Buttons


Emerson is so sweet with my big belly, as he knows there is a baby in there. He likes to lift up my shirt and softly touch my belly, asking if the baby is going night-night. He will kiss it, and then play with my belly-button, which is sticking out (gross). It wasn’t this bad this early on with Emerson (I don’t think). Dewey even commented on it last night…”Wow, your belly button is sticking out really far. I don’t remember it like that with Emerson”. It better go back to normal after July!

Week 26


We had a great long weekend. Dewey and I took of Thursday and Friday, and grabbed Emerson and drove down for a few days in St. Louis. Thursday morning we got up, got the car’s oil changed, and hit the road. First stop was Chick-Fil-A for lunch (can’t miss it) followed by the St. Louis Zoo. We had a lot of fun at the zoo, aside from the weather. It was wet and rainy, but made for minimal crowds. The hippos and penguins were probably the crowd favorite. We also rode the carousel (twice) and the train around the zoo. For as much as Emerson loves trains, he has never really been on one and wasn’t so sure about the whole thing.

From the zoo we went to dinner at Fitz’s Root Beer, since Dewey is such a big root beer fan. This place has root beer on tap and you can watch them bottle it (which we missed as the workers were on break when we went). We probably would have missed it either way, though, as Emerson was very cranky by this point and threw a huge fit. We didn’t get to eat and had to box our food up to go. Oh well, the first of many outings like that I am sure. He was so worn out because we did so much, who could blame him anyway.

We then headed for the hotel (the Hilton overlooking the ballpark) and settled in and all calmed down from the stressful dinner. We got some food ordered in at the hotel and Emerson and Dewey went swimming, which was a good time. After putting on pjs, we snuck back downstairs for ice cream in the hotel ice cream shop and then snuggle in for books and bed. I don’t think I have ever seen Emerson fall asleep so quickly.

The next morning we slept in (until about 7:30 when E woke us up) and had breakfast at the buffet in the hotel. It was pretty good and Emerson enjoyed picking out his own meal. It was then off to the Magic House, which was an absolute madhouse. Since it was Spring break last week, all of St. Louis must have gone to the Magic House at the same time. Dewey and I put on our brave faces and went in, and lasted for over 2 hours. Emerson did great, though, and didn’t mind the insane crowds and noise. He loved the water area and the sand area, and the light switch area (which Dewey since tried to replicate at home). Emerson got to pick out a souvenir and selected a school bus :). He loves those.

We had to make one more lunch stop at Chick-Fil-A on the way out of town, and were on our way home. Emerson slept most of the way, which was good. It is amazing how not even two days away from home can really make you appreciate it! Emerson is speaking in conversations almost now, and will ask you questions and give you answers when you ask him. If he says something and you don’t understand, he says “No” and repeats it (there are still a lot of his words that aren’t super clear, so you have to guess sometimes at what he is saying). He will also count on his fingers, or try too, which is so cute. I love that little boy :). He did a lot of karate this weekend (not sure where he learned it) and will kick or throw his hand and say “Hiii-ya!”.

We spent the rest of the weekend working around the house, cleaning and organizing the baby’s room more, cleaning Emerson’s closet, playing outside, etc. Nothing too exciting…until Sunday when Emerson was acting a little off (slept unusually long for his nap – 3.5 hours, was cranky, etc) which of course were just red flags that he was getting sick. So, he woke up yesterday (from the little time he slept overnight) very sick with a severe head/sinus cold, cough, the works. I stayed home with him yesterday, and half a day today (Dewey took the other half). Let’s hope he is doing better tomorrow, poor thing! He just seems miserable and his nose is so sore from being wiped so much. Plus, we are all very sleep deprived at this point.

On a brighter note, Kelsey and Wes are having a girl as well! They are due in August, about 6 weeks after us, but I hope the two cousins grow to be best friends, and include Emerson so he isn’t the lonesome boy :). Speaking of, I have bad days and good days, and this week I am really stressing about work and maternity leave and getting things ready for little girl’s arrival. I need to learn to calm down, it can’t be good for me or baby girl!

Week 25


This week begins week 25, and has so far started off with morning heartburn. The baby has been kicking a lot, though, as she always does when I eat something. Today it was a bagel and peanut butter – tasty. She still feels pretty low, but I guess we will find out for sure at the next doctor appointment. Speaking off, our appointment last week (Week 24) went well. The heart rate was 156 beats per minute, right in the normal range. My weight has increased appropriately to 144.2 pounds. I think that puts me to have gain almost 25 pounds now from where I was at our first appointment, roughly. I gained about 40 with Emerson, so I still have some to go.

I measured right at 25 weeks last week, which was fine as there is a plus/minus two centimeter fluctuation, just depending on how the baby is positioned, etc. Since my placenta appeared to be low lying at our 20 week appointment and sonogram, they scheduled us for another sonogram at our next (28 week) appointment to check and see how it is. Let’s hope it has moved up, so there is no risk. I also will need to get my Rhogam shot, since I have a negative blood type. If this baby is born with a positive blood type, I will have to get it again after delivery. Emerson has a negative blood type, so I didn’t have to with him.

Last week’s appointment I had the glucose test done, which I was nervous about, just because I of course don’t want to have to deal with gestational diabetes. Luckily, I pass with flying colors. The limit is 130, and I was at 102. Not sure what that number even measures, but at least I passed!

My belly is getting bigger, clothes are getting smaller, and my belly button is popping out even more. It sure happened early this time compared to with Emerson, at least from what I remember. Although, with this pregnancy everything has happened earlier because I think my body is just remembering a little too well!

I was lucky enough to get a nice massage from Estelle yesterday, which was very relaxing. Poor Emerson though I think was confused since she came to our home to do it, and he didn’t know why Mommy was laying up on a table. He got a mini massage later on from Kelsey for fun, but he handled it well overall. A big event in his world this weekend though was his official big boy bed! We finally got the mattress and bedding in, so Friday night Dewey and I put it all together and rearranged his room while Grandma and Kelsey watched E. He loves it (thank goodness). Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night he has slept very well in it. If he wakes, I am able to just lay with him and then head back to my bed, instead of the other way around. It is taking some getting used to for me as well, not having him in bed with us.

Big thing happened last night, too – we were at my parents’ house and E nearly counted to 10 (with a little assistance)! The fact he knew what numbers came next was amazing!

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend too with the lovely weather, and Dewey hooked up a kids’ bike seat we were given to his bike. Emerson LOVED it and didn’t want to get off. He also never wants to come in once we play outside…this could be a long spring/summer!

Week 24


Our next regularly scheduled doctor appointment is tomorrow, with my glucose test, so I am getting nervous about that. Been trying to cut back on sugar in the instance it gives me a better chance of passing! Hopefully the glucose drink doesn’t make me sick to my stomach like it did with Emerson – yuck. Otherwise, it is life as usual. I finally ordered Emerson a new dresser and big boy bed, though! We will transition him to the new bed before the baby comes, and pass the crib along to the new baby. The new baby will also get his dresser since I use it as a changing table too, and Emerson is getting a tall chest of drawers. Hopefully it all works well in his room and he adjusts okay to the change.

I really do worry about introducing his little sister when she arrives, as he just isn’t old enough to understand exactly what is happening. He knows Mommy has a baby in her belly, and I think he gets that it is a baby sister, but that’s about it. He is very much a Mommy’s boy, and I don’t want him to feel neglected or replaced in any way.

We are also (slowly) working on introducing potty training. He seems to have gotten a bit more interested, but still not there. He has gone a few times on the potty, and gets candy for it, but not often does he “want” to sit on the potty and try and go. Most of the time if we sit him on it, he just wants off. I don’t want to push it so much that he hates it, so we haven’t been very consistent. I assume it will come with time. He went on the potty at my parents this week, and got a round of applause from everyone plus candy, so hopefully he at least see it all as a good thing.

I was home from work almost 3 days this week with a horrible headache that just would not go away. I finally had to call the doctor and they gave me Norco (a painkiller) and told me to just sleep until it was gone. Finally on Friday I had no signed of headache. They were concerned it could be related to blood pressure, but I checked out and was fine aside from the darn headache. Hope I don’t get another one of those!

Week 23


No big news this week, just things as usual. Baby girl is kicking away although it seems like whenever I have Dewey come feel he has a hard time catching it. She moves around a lot, and each time she is in a different spot. There is still a lot of room for her, though, so I am sure he will get to feel her kick more as I get bigger. He did just feel her kick for the first time, though, the other week which he was excited about.

Heartburn is already starting, which definitely stinks. I didn’t have it until the end with Emerson and am definitely not looking forward to sleeping sitting up! The doctor gave me my options on what to take, so let’s hope those work. 

Emerson is talking more and more each day. He now has clear sentences and phrases as opposed to just words. Some examples that I can think of:

  • What Daddy/Mommy/Papa, etc. doing?
  • Where Daddy/Mommy/Grandma, etc. go?
  • Me do it.
  • No Mommy, no.
  • Abby Dabby (Abby Cadabby)
  • La la la Elmo (Elmo’s song)
  • Mmm Hmm (yes)
  • A, b, c…F! (ABC’s)
  • Namma (Grandma)
  • Ess (Wes)
  • Ack (Zach)
  • Big truck
  • Come on.
  • Daddy’s truck.
  • ..and (fill in the blank) too?
  • Choo choo train
  • More cars!
  • All done.
  • Mulk, or Molk (Milk)

Week 22


It would be nice to have a full night sleep not having to get up and use the restroom.

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